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Ballot Measure

School Choice Amendment

Summary of School Choice Amendment

  • The Amendment will give families the right to choose the best form of schooling for their child and, if they OPT IN, receive a portion of Oregon’s education dollars to pay for such schooling.
  • Families may choose to enroll their child in any grade level-appropriate public school within their school district regardless of attendance boundaries (parent must transport).
  • Families may choose to withdraw their child from a public school, and choose to participate in School Choice and have a School Choice Account created for them.
  • Families whose children are enrolled in a private school, nonpublic online program or are homeschooled, may choose to participate in School Choice and have a School Choice Account created for them.
  • A portion of Oregon’s education funds will be transferred to each child’s School Choice Account as tax free funds, and held and administered by a nonprofit organization chosen by the parent (parent cannot access the funds).
  • Parents may direct the money in the School Choice Account be spent on School Choice Services for the education of their child, including private school tuition, homeschool curriculum, nonpublic online programs, vocational training, educational therapies, tutors etc.
  • The annual amount of funds transferred to each student’s School Choice Account will be $7,600 or more, depending on the state’s total education budget.
  • Unspent School Choice Account funds will roll over each year until the child completes from high school, and the amount remaining upon graduation may be spent on college or vocational training within the state of Oregon.
  • Parents and  educators using School Choice Account funds will be protected from government regulation and not required to change their creed, curriculum, education practices or admission policy. 
  • The Amendment will be on the 2024 Oregon Ballot and when it passes, will go into effect July 1, 2025.

Current Status:

We are in phase two waiting for our Ballot Title from the Attorney General.  


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Education Freedom for Oregon is a 501c4 organization. Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Current Status:

We have finished Phase 1: Gathering sponsorship signatures.
We are entering Phase 2: Soon to receive a ballot title from the Attorney General.