Bringing School Choice to Oregon Families

Your Money. Your Child.
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How does a Private
School Student
receive a
School Choice Account?

If a Private School Student would like to receive a School Choice Account, the parents just need to OPT IN. The parents then notify the State Department of Education that the parents’ child will be attending a private school and the child would like to receive a School Choice Account. An account will then be created for the child, and Oregon education dollars transferred into the account. The account will be held and administered by a nonprofit organization chosen by the parents. The parents do not touch the education dollars but direct how the education dollars will be spent. Some of the items that the education dollars may be spent on include private school tuition, uniforms, educational hardware and software, transportation, tutors, educational therapy, and other approved education costs.

How does a
Private School receive
protections by using a
School Choice Account?

The School Choice Amendment will add language to the Oregon Constitution to protect private schools and other education providers who choose to participate and receive money from a School Choice Account.  

This protective language added to the Oregon Constitution will protect private schools from regulation by the state: private schools may not be forced to change their creed, curriculum, education practices, or admission policies. Protection like this is not currently available to private schools and will only be available to private schools that choose to participate and receive money from a School Choice Account.


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