Bringing School Choice to Oregon Families

Your Money. Your Child.
Your Choice.

Bringing School Choice to Oregon Families

Your Money. Your Child. Your Choice.


Here are some testimonials from Oregonians about why School Choice is important to them and why they are volunteering to help us bring School Choice to Oregon families.

What Oregonians Say about School Choice

Rob, Salem

“I support people having the choice and our tax dollars following that choice.”

Jamee, Portland

“YES! and that includes tax payer money following the parents’ choice including but not limited to homeschooling. I love your vision.”

Harry, Donald

“We did not send our kids to public school because we worried about what the public schools were teaching. We wish we could have had school choice then so we didn’t have to pay twice.”

Jenelle, Portland

“Great. Thank you. Boy, do we need school choice now more than ever!!!!!”

Survey Comment

“Public Schools are dropping the ball on teaching the basics. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. Everyone needs to have these basic skills to be successful in life. I am extremely tired of the political agenda that is in our schools.”

Jean, Rogue River

“I am all for school choice! We homeschooled all 4 of our kids through high school and they have done very well. I spent years fighting for choice, and we were among the first to fight for freedom to homeschool in Oregon”

Brenda, Corvallis

“My daughter is disabled. The public school ignored her–seems they just wanted the money she was worth to the school. Now with School Choice I will be able to afford to get my daughter personalized education.”

Jessi, Keizer

“That sounds like something I would definitely support. To be honest, I don’t want to send my kids back to school next month with masks being required and with the new curriculum I have heard about.”

Survey Comment

“I like the idea of parents being able to afford options for private school. I’m so disappointed in public school. We can barely afford private school but are doing it now and are struggling. We want our tax money back. I feel if public schools don’t change for the better, the people deserve the money that funds the public schools so they can choose a better option for their child.”

Jennifer, West Linn

“As the mother of a severely dyslexic son, I know how overwhelming and expensive it can be to just get an accurate diagnosis-let alone pay for their education and tutoring. These children do not deserve to be forgotten because their parents cannot choose homeschool or a $20K a year private school for their child. No child deserves to lose their future to a lack of financial and educational support when Educational Savings Accounts could lower the barrier of entry that exists today.”

Survey Comment

“America needs freedom, as it was founded to be. Free to choose education, medical choices, and community. When Americans are respected enough to make free choices to better themselves, their education, and health, the more successful we will be as individuals and the more we can contribute to make America more united.”

Survey Comment

“Public schools, like so many other government operations, are run inefficiently and typically show low academic results. It is a broken system. There is little or no incentive for schools to improve quality of education since they are the only choice for parents for whom private school or home school is not an option. It is preposterous that parents have no choice where their tax dollars go for their children’s education.”

What Oregonians Say about Volunteering

We would love your help bringing School Choice to Oregon. We need volunteers to join us to spread the word, gather signatures, and help us with behind-the-scenes projects. Here are some comments from volunteers who are helping us now. Thank you to all our volunteers!
Emma, Tualatin
    Emma, Tualatin

    I don't have kids in school but want to help out. I think School Choice is so important for all Oregon kids.

    Justin, Corvallis
      Justin, Corvallis

      I am excited to help. I have never worked on a campaign before. I agree Oregon needs School Choice.

      Sandra, Beaverton
        Sandra, Beaverton

        I want to help as much as I can. Parents should get their share of the money to pay for better education.